Work for us

Campbell Reed is a business that operates with excellence at its core. We strive towards excellence when we provide a service to our clients; equally we hold ourselves to this standard in creating a confident, mature and positive working environment and culture for our employees.

We are a business that promotes freedom, collaboration, flexibility and agility in the way we work. We encourage our people to be openly creative thinkers as we understand this is essential for us to be able to evolve and stay ahead of the curve on behalf of our clients.

We empower our employees by giving them the autonomy to operate successfully and shape their own future. We believe firmly in providing the necessary training and support they may need to help them achieve their individual as well as our collective goals. Overall we are an integrated, internally collaborative team; our success is a team effort.

We are looking for exceptional individuals at all levels who have the drive and commitment to help us expand our reach and join us on the path to becoming a world leading search firm.

If you are interested in working for a business that:

  • Recognises and rewards success beyond numbers
  • Listens to and is committed to developing exciting career opportunities for its people
  • Provides you with the platform to be a recognised leader in your sector of expertise at a national, regional or global level

Please send us an email with your contact details and we will be in touch.